About Me

If this was being written in the third person, it would talk about how Chris is a designer who’s worked in just about every area of design at least once, had over a decade of experience in marketing and web design before focusing on UX and product design, and shifted towards visual design while studying architecture in school after realizing a lot of architects never really design anything. Thank goodness we’re not taking that approach.

I’m a designer in sunny Austin, TX, land of tacos, cowboy hippies, and good coffee. Before making the move I spent a good part of my career in Houston (bigger, flatter, better TexMex but less plentiful breakfast tacos) working for a range of entities from boutique design studios to larger consulting firms. I spent several years at a marketing firm specializing in commercial real estate marketing where I was “doing UX” for digital signage applications before realizing that’s what I was actually doing. After that I took a role in Austin working in marketing design and motion graphics for financial tech before shifting into a full time user experience role with a small software development firm.

With the Premier League trophy

I have unfortunately not won a Premier League trophy as either a player or a manager

Red Horn Coffee
Fleet Coffee
Machine Head Coffee
Hops & Grain
Velvet Taco

I love design in all its forms, and the fact that I get to draw for a living in some form or fashion thrills me to no end. Outside of product design I have an interest in branding as well as video, VFX, and FUI design and I’m always dabbling on a few side projects. I’ve also been cowriting and directing an animated short film called Pure for a few years, a scifi action adventure inspired by Indiana Jones and Blade Runner and lots of other cool stuff from the 80s.

When I’m not designing you’ll find me playing soccer around Austin, frequently visiting movie theaters to get my cinema fix, and exploring new spots for caffeine or beer. I’m always up for working on interesting projects, so if you’d like to collaborate on something drop me a line.